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Before & After School

Connecting. Learning. Moving.

Our Before and After School Program nurtures the friendships so important to school-age children, enhances their learning, and keeps them moving, creating and having fun together during before and after school times, as well as scheduled school days off, scheduled breaks and calamity days.

Our school-agers are diverse in age, interests and abilities, making for a very interesting group experience for all. As older and younger children interact, they share skills and knowledge, encourage and help one another, and build a dynamic social and learning environment. Mixed-age groups allow children to build friendships with and learn from children they wouldn’t typically interact with in the school setting.

During before and after school times, our school-agers are provided with quiet time for homework and reading, indoor enhancement activities such as creative art and science experiments, indoor and outdoor group games and sports, time to relax and have fun together, and healthy snacks.

School-agers enrolled in our Before and After School Program are eligible to attend during scheduled school days off, scheduled breaks, and calamity days. On scheduled days off and breaks, field trips, visiting programs, and specially themed days are planned so children are busy learning and being active together.  Calamity days include favorite activities from throughout the year.

Our goals for Before and After School:

  • Provide time for homework help
  • Create a learning space with a variety of open-ended materials to enhance children’s learning
  • Provide creative arts materials and support creativity across domains
  • Encourage reading and writing for meaning
  • Provide science and technology materials
  • Provide time for movement, group games and outdoor play
  • Allow children to develop and follow interests
  • Support children’s social development and friendships
  • Encourage effective problem-solving skills
  • Work cooperatively in a group
  • Promote health and well-being by providing healthy snacks and time to relax